CUDA Toolkit 11.0 not available for Debian?

I need to install CUDA Toolkit 11.0 on a Debian system. On CUDA Toolkit 11.0 Download | NVIDIA Developer it seems that Debian is not supported for this version. Is there no possibility to install CUDA 11.0 on Debian?
Thanks for your help.

debian packages were introduced with CUDA 11.1, see the release notes. You can also compare the linux install guides from 11.1 and from 11.0 and see that debian (10.3) is listed as supported in the 11.1 install guide but not the 11.0 install guide.

If you want to install CUDA 11.0 on debian, you could try the runfile install method (refer to the linux install guide), however I have no idea if that works or not on debian, and in any event debian is not a supported development environment for CUDA 11.0 and prior (as indicated in the install guides).