Cuda Toolkit with Legacy Driver (390.xx) on Debian 11

Hey! I’m trying to setup the Cuda Toolkit on my Debian 11 system with 390.xx driver installed but I’m having some trouble. I can’t install directly from the Debian repository (nvidia-cuda-dev) since it asks me to install the ‘nvidia-driver’ package and others packages that refer to more recent nvidia driver versions. I also tried to install Cuda 8 with the deb file provided on the Cuda toolkit download page, but the package have a lot of dependencies that are not available on Debian 11. What should I do? (My GPU: Geforce GTX 560)

Since, it seems, the .deb route won’t work for you, have you tried to use a .run file?

Don’t know if the following might help you -

I have struggled recently trying to get CUDA to work under Debian 10, and a very old GTX285. I can only get the .deb nvidia-legacy-340xx driver to install, and it works OK. I can install CUDA 6.5 toolkit using the .run file method, and decline the driver install (the latest one that supports Compute the capability of my card, 1.3). I can compile the examples OK, having installed gcc-4.8. HOWEVER, the examples won’t run with my driver, although all the docs that I can find say that they should. This hybrid (part deb, part run) method doesn’t seem to be going to work for me. I tried to use the whole of the run file method (driver, toolkit, examples), but the driver would not build, complaining of missing kernel header files, even though the files seem to exist and be in the place that the installer looks for them.

Under Debian 10, my GTX750 works with CUDA wonderfully, it was little more than apt-get install cuda.

Hope some of this might help you. Mark.