CUDA Toolkit installation problems - Nvidia Quadro NVS4200M

My laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad T420) has Nvidia Quadro NVS4200M along with Intel Integrated Graphics. I can’t seem to get the CUDA 5.0 toolkit installation (CUDA Toolkit - Free Tools and Training | NVIDIA Developer) to succeed. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 64-bit. I tried the 64-bit desktop & notebook installers and the 32-bit installers.

All of them seem to fail with the error message “Display Driver failed installation”. I installed the latest drivers from the site, (Page Not Found | NVIDIA), and it is supposed to support CUDA-5.0, and despite that, the installation fails.

After failure, the libraries and binaries are present, but NSight Eclipse (which seems to have no standalone installation link) isn’t installed. What could be the possible issue?

Once you get to there, the “not-driver” stuff is installed. So all that’s left to get your system into a good config is to get the driver installed. Take a look in C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\* and run setup.exe.

The version and OS keywords above will change depending on the installer you ran. If you run setup.exe it should give you a better idea of what’s going on and, maybe, install the driver.

I posted this on Stackoverflow and the issue is resolved.
Link: [url]nvidia - CUDA Developer Toolkit: Display Driver failed installation - Stack Overflow