CUDA 6.0 Installation failed: Win7-64, GTX 660 TI

I tried to remove the display driver, reinstalled the newest one, etc. nothing helps. The first component, the CUDA Toolkit installation always fails. What can I do?

==============NVSMI LOG==============

Timestamp : Wed Apr 16 23:12:28 2014
Driver Version : 335.23

Attached GPUs : 1
GPU 0000:02:00.0
Product Name : GeForce GTX 660 Ti
Display Mode : N/A
Display Active : N/A
Persistence Mode : N/A
Accounting Mode : N/A
Accounting Mode Buffer Size : N/A
Driver Model
Current : WDDM
Pending : WDDM
Serial Number : N/A
GPU UUID : GPU-f25a21a3-12c5-27fa-dda4-a152136e406a
Minor Number : N/A
VBIOS Version : 80.04.4B.00.07
Inforom Version
Image Version : N/A
OEM Object : N/A
ECC Object : N/A
Power Management Object : N/A
GPU Operation Mode
Current : N/A
Pending : N/A
Bus : 0x02
Device : 0x00
Domain : 0x0000
Device Id : 0x118310DE
Bus Id : 0000:02:00.0
Sub System Id : 0x100010DE
GPU Link Info
PCIe Generation
Max : N/A
Current : N/A
Link Width
Max : N/A
Current : N/A
Bridge Chip
Type : N/A
Firmware : N/A
Fan Speed : 30 %
Performance State : N/A
Clocks Throttle Reasons : N/A
FB Memory Usage
Total : 2047 MiB
Used : 2005 MiB
Free : 42 MiB
BAR1 Memory Usage
Total : N/A
Used : N/A
Free : N/A
Compute Mode : Default

The installation program is very poorly written: missing decent error messages. After a full day struggle I found the solution in this forum:

The CUDA 5.5 problem is still there in 6.0, with similar solution:

  1. Start the installer

  2. When it asks if you want express or custom installation open an editor (e.g. notepad) with the file:

  3. In that file delete the following 5 lines:
    <custom phase=“VS2008DevenvSetupInstall” action=“VS2008DevenvSetupInstall”…

  4. Save it

  5. Go back to the CUDA installation window, and continue.

Amazingly, it goes on and installs everything. I suspect the problem is (in my case) that a few years ago I replaced VS2008 with VS2010, and probably some inconsistent entries remained in the registry. This would be very easy to spot and report in the CUDA installation program :(

further update: even though the installation was successful, nvcc did not work. It complained about a missing mspdb80.dll, which was there in the old VS2008 installation, but should not been used, since there was a newer version in the VS2010 installation. This made it clear that if you have both VS2008 and VS2010 in your computer, CUDA gets screwed up.

I uninstalled the old VS2008 and all its updates, and then reinstalled CUDA. This time the installation went smoothly, there was no need to edit any file, proving that the CUDA installer gets confused with two versions of VS. However, nvcc still does not work. It now complains about a missing CL.EXE.

What is going on?

…the Windows PATH has to have an entry to the latest VS directory with CL.exe. I had to manually fix this, and now everything works fine. I am using the Julia CUDA package, and just added three pairs of numbers successfully :)

(Hope my experiences would be of help to someone.)

Thanks a lot Laszlo!!!
Great solution (CUDA 6, VS2010 Pro).

Laszlo, you are the hero of my day!
Installer is completely screwed - even when it fails, it fails to rollback properly and leaves all the garbage in program files.