CUDACasts Episode 21: Porting a simple OpenCV sample to the Jetson TK1 GPU

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In the previous CUDACasts episode, we saw how to flash your Jetson TK1 to the latest release of Linux4Tegra, and install both the CUDA toolkit and OpenCV SDK. We’ll continue exploring the power efficiency the Jetson TK1 Kepler-based GPU brings to computer vision by porting a simple OpenCV sample to run on the GPU. We’ll explore computer…

The last demo is optical flow? Is it running in real time?


Can you have a future cudacast in which you demonstrate how to perform cross compilation with a Jetson? Many of the online resources I found describe how to install a cross-compilation platform on the host system but don't walk through the entire process of installing the cross-compilation platform, compiling CUDA programs on the host, and placing those programs onto Jetson.