cuDNN samples for TAR installation method?


I manage a small cluster and we keep around a few CUDA toolkit versions and cuDNN versions. This requires us to use tar files (I believe) but I also need to verify cuDNN works for each CUDA toolkit. Previously I did this using the samples.

In version 8.3 the samples had tar versions which made life easy. Now it seems the samples are only found in the local deb installer, and there is only a single version currently available (libcudnn8-samples=

Are there tar samples anywhere I can download? If not, how can I verify cuDNN works for each toolkit (e.g. 11.7, 11.8, 12.0)?

Thank you,

My current work around is to use the local deb installer for the latest samples, then copy from /usr/src/cudnn_v8_samples somewhere else, then remove libcudnn8, libcudnn8-dev and libcudnn8-samples, then copy the samples to a toolkit-specific directory (and hope they build/run succesfully). It’s a pain and more importantly I’m not sure if I can assume samples from will work with 11.7/11.8/12.0 potentially running different cuDNN versions.

I would be tempted to use the old samples from 8.3 but I want a workflow that will work for cuDNN 9+ in the future.