Unabel to install Cuddn with .dpg package

I am trying to install Cudnn with dpkg package as below
hcsuser@ubuntu-vm:/home/data$ sudo dpkg -i libcudnn7_7.6.5.32-1+cuda10.2_amd64.deb
(Reading database … 126811 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack libcudnn7_7.6.5.32-1+cuda10.2_amd64.deb …
Unpacking libcudnn7 ( over ( …
Setting up libcudnn7 ( …
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.23-0ubuntu10) …
hcsuser@ubuntu-vm:/home/data$ cd /usr/src/cudnn_samples
-bash: cd: /usr/src/cudnn_samples: No such file or directory

How can i try .tgz path for 10.2Cuda version on Ubuntu 16.04?
How can i make above working ?

It took me a number of tries to get this working. See my topic “sample mnistCUDNN failed” a couple of topics down. Remember that there are three files you have to download and ‘sudo dpkg’. I think the last one has the samples:


I had a different problem than you. I’m not sure what was wrong or exactly how I fixed it. I did a lot of ‘try again’ and a certain amount of guessing before it finally worked. There are a lot of hints about this in people’s blogs. I’m not sure who has the right answers or who just guessed, like me. Sunil is responsive, although he probably wants you to have the latest of everything installed before debugging. Good luck! /jd


In order to install the cuDNN sample you can use below package:

Install the code samples and the cuDNN Library User Guide, for example:

sudo dpkg -i libcudnn7-doc_7.6.5.32-1+cuda10.2_amd64.deb

cuDNN samples will be installed at “/usr/src/cudnn_samples”

Please refer to below link to get the package corresponding to your setup:

For eg: “cuDNN Code Samples and User Guide for Ubuntu16.04 (Deb)”