Custom application building issue

We created custom application based on the latest released Composer 2022.3.3 (Kit 104.2) with the help of GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-app-template: Omniverse Kit App Template . Everything worked fine until the update of the Omniverse Launcher to version 1.8.11, but this seems to be a known issue (Build and package errors as per kit-app-template)

The main problem is that while trying to move to the updated template (GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/kit-project-template: A template for developing apps and extensions for Omniverse Kit) we discovered that the new template seems not to support Kit 104.2 ( at least all the examples and our custom app fails to find any extensions starting from the ones, that supposed to be the basic ones like “”.

Moving to Kit 105 is not a solution as it breaks the correct work of our application, so refactoring is required to make that work.

Are there ways to build an application now except using the installer for the old version on Omniverse Launcher?