Custom Carrier Board Configuration


We are building a custom carrier board for the Jetson TX2 and TX2i Module. To support our peripherals, we need to port the NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package and the u-Boot bootloader to our hardware.
We went throug the “Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide” and also studied the “Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide”. From this documentation, it is not totally clear for us, which files need to be changed to work with our custom board. As we understand, the Kernel and u-boot have to be built for our design. But which dts and cfg-Files need to be adaptet?

With the pinmux spreadsheet, we get the files *-pinmux.dtsi, *gpio-default.dtsi and -padvoltage.dtsi. From this we can create the pinmux-gpio.cfg and the mb1-bct-pad-.cfg, which we should copy to /bootloader/t186ref/BCT. Do we then have to build u-boot? Can we use the same config files for the kernel?

Additional help with the configuration steps and how to flash the system will be appreciated.

Thank you!

If you need to enable special driver in u-boot, then you need to download the u-boot source and enable it by yourself. Just update the u-boot.bin file in corresponding path inside Linux_for_Tegra.

I would suggest you to follow up the L4T document as well for details of how to flash the board.

In our custom design, we use the PCI/USB/SATA Lane Mapping number 3. How can we achieve the BSP for this configuration? Need the BCT config, the kernel and the u-boot changing or is the BCT config and the kernel enough? Can we cover the changes by using the Pinmux spreadsheet or do we also have to change other files than the “*-pinmux.dtsi”, the “*gpio-default.dtsi” and the “*padvoltage.dtsi”?