Custom jetson_clocks profile

got few questions regarding the new NX.

  • Why do all profiles have 1190400 as min frequency, when /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies suggest minimum is actually 115200 ?

  • What’s the benefit of having higher minimum clock?

  • Is NX module actually 3 core with 2 threads as suggested with CPU_DENVER_0 through CPU_DENVER_2? What happened to the 4th core :D

  • What would happen if I made a profile with 6 cores and max clocks at 1907200? What about something in between, like 2 fast cores, 4 slower?


hello niproblema,

it’s due to power budget configurations, please refer to documentation and check the Supported Modes and Power Efficiency session for the different clock configurations.
you might also access NX Module Data Sheet, and check the [Chapter-1.2 Carmel CPU Complex] for details of NX CPUs;