CPU frequency is different from what PowerEstimator says

Hello all,

I have question regarding to Xavier NX’s CPU frequency limits. When I create a configuration using the new PowerEstimator tool, it seems I can run Xavier NX’s 4 CPU cores at 1907.2 MHz and all 6-cores at 1402.8 MHz.

However, when I set nvpmodel to 1 which is MODE 15W 4CORE, I get max 1402.8 MHz from 4-cores (Please see the terminal output from the image).

Is it possible to use Xavier NX’s all 6-cores at 1907.2 MHz or is there any porblem with the PowerEstimator tool? I am using the AC adapter that comes with the kit.

Hi dorkuksk,

We just tried the settings as yours and it worked fine at our end and we could use all 6 cores at 1907.2 MHz frequency.

The procedure to use downloaded nvpmodel.conf is given in the user guide. Could you confirm if you’re following the correct procedure?
See https://jetson-tools.nvidia.com/powerestimator/userguide

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Hi @kayccc,

I am now able to see CPU freqs changing from 1190 to 1900 MHz. I was trying to do it within jetson_closk file which is l4t_dfs.conf. But it appears that this was not the correct file. :)