Custom OmniGraph ROS publisher node

My understanding is Nvidia recommends OmniGraph for publishing ROS messages. There are some publisher nodes available, but not for the type of message I want to publish. I would like to implement a new publisher node type, preferably in Python. I know how to implement new OmniGraph nodes in general, but need some instructions/examples on the specific task of implementing a publisher node.

Any advice welcome

Looking at some Omniverse code, it seems that there is a concept of “node writers” related to this. See omni.replicator.core.scripts.writers.register_node_writer()

I would also be interested in understanding how to implement such a thing.

Hi Bruno,
We have he ability to publish ROS Custom Messages but not yet a direct way of doing that for ROS2. This is being planned for the next release though.
However there is a workaround you can do by compiling the custom message packages for python 3.7 and include the binaries in the Isaac Sim repo . Check here for more details Custom Ros 2 messages

Thanks @TeresaC,

that is a good suggestion.
But this would work outside of OmniGraph, right?

I was thinking about implementing a custom OmniGraph publisher node, but do not know how.