Compiling omniverse compliant Ros2 custom messages

Hi there,

In the project I’m working on, we need to work with custom ros2 messages in Omniverse.

We are using ros2 humble, however compiling our messages using a docker container with a vanilla humble image and importing those binaries into Omniverse did not work.

After some research, we did something similar to what is described here, where we created a container with ros2 humble using Python 3.7.

This seems to do the trick, but it looks a bit hacky to me and not very future proof.

Is there an easier way to achieve this and streamline the process of working with custom messages in Omniverse? If not, are there any plans to provide this support in the future?

Hi @jominga - We are aware of it and planning to provide the support in the future Isaac Sim releases.