Accessing Issac sim running on host system from within a ROS2 docker container


I got a computer with ubuntu 22.04 and installed Issac Sim on it. I was able to run the turtlebot example and control it from a ros2 humble node and everything works perfectly.

Now a lot of my development happens on foxy and I have installed a docker with foxy running on it. I have ensured it has all the graphics forwarding, host network, root privileges etc and ROS works perfectly within it.

However, when I launch Omniverse Launcher and then launch Issac sim on it (which is outside the container), the ros2 bridge fails to load or recognize the ROS running within the container (not surprising).

So how can I actually keep the ROS bridge running and send ros messages to the Issac sim from within my docker?

As an extension - I would eventually like to run the software on a Jetson Orin or something similar and connect the ROS topics to Issac and see how the algorithms running on the chip perform in simulation. Cannot seem to find anything about it on the documentation.