Correct way to use ISAAC SIM container

Hi Guys,

I am quite new of ISAAC and docker worlds. I am using isaac sim on an AWS machine running ubuntu 18.04, with isaac sim 2022.1 version. I am able to start isaac sim in headless mode and, locally using the streming client I can open the interface of the simulation, running the example scenes and so on.

I have read that on AWS i cannot use local simulator so I am using the docker continer. Sadly, I am not able to understand how to explore, modify and run stuff on the contined from the remote interface. I can log via RDP or ssh on the AWS and join the docker, but I can just run the python script placed in the root folder. All the other things failt to execute. Last but not the least, the docker containt ths ros workspace folders, but I have not ros installed in the docker. Do you have a sort of tutorial or manual to help me?


Hi. There are some limitations when running the python samples in a container. We support running only the headless python samples in the container. We recommend running on a native desktop to run all samples with UI.

You can install ROS and setup the workspace in the Isaac Sim container itself. Run Isaac Sim in headless mode and use the Omniverse Streaming Client to interact with it.

You can use VSCode to remotely SSH into the container to interact with ROS and Isaac Sim too.

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