Running examples on adding new manipulators with container based Isaac Sim installation

Dear community,
I am currently running a container based installation of Isaac Sim, deployed on AWS instance. I am using the Omniverse Streaming Client to be able to interact with the simulator. I could successfully run examples on using Isaac Sim interface. I have also executed some coding examples, such as creating scenes and adding new objects via the jupyter notebook extension available. However, now I would like to add a new manipulator to Isaac Sim and configure a Lula based controller for it. I was going through the examples on adding a new manipulator.. However, so far I was only able to execute them in headless mode, without any possibility to interact with the simulation. Is there a way to interact with simulation while running the python scripts, if I run the simulator container and connect to it via the Streaming Client? I could add an implementation of an Inverse kinematics controller in a jupyter notebook via the concept of tasks, however I would like to be able to create python apps and interact with the simulator while executing them (e.g. dragging an object and making the robotic arm follow it). Is it possible to do, given that I can only run the Isaac Sim on AWS instance and not my local workstation? Thank you in advance for your reply!

Hi @d.humeniuk - Someone from our team will review your post and get back to you.

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