Can't receive image from Isaac Sim docker image using ROS2 humble

Hi, I am using isaac sim using the provided Docker container with Ubuntu 20.04, on which I installed ROS2 Humble.
I did the setup for a ROS2 camera inside Isaac sim following the tutorial on the documentation, the problem is that when I subscribe to the topic by another machine the messages can’t be received and the images can’t be visualized inside Rviz2.

By subscribing to the image topic in another bash inside docker I can correctly receive the images and by using the command ros2 topic bw /image_topic the output says that the data weigh 200Mb/s for 100 messages. Could this excessive size be the problem?

The ROS2 communication works well with other sensor data like the laserscan from a Lidar sensor.
Do you have any solutions?

Hi @parmeggiani.alessio1 - Have you reviewed this ROS/ROS2 Isaac Sim document?

Yes, I reviewed the document and didn’t find anything useful.
The problem seems to be related to the connection quality, the images consume too much bandwidth. There is a way to compress the images from inside an action graph?

Hi @parmeggiani.alessio1 - Yes, the size of the data could indeed be the problem. Transmitting large amounts of data over a network can be challenging, especially if the network is not very fast or reliable.

In ROS2, you can use image_transport package to compress and decompress the images. This package provides “plugins” for various forms of image transport. It allows interchangeability between different algorithms for image compression and decompression.

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