Can not run Isaac Examples/ros/Navigation demo

try Isaac ROS2 Nav2 demo: #isaac-sim-app-tutorial-ros2-navigation
Host: Ubuntu 20.04
Isaac Sim : 2022.2.1 (omni.isaac.ros2_bridge-humble)
ROS2 in docker : Humble
Images: (github: NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/isaac_ros_common).

rviz error: No map received

pkg in container: /workspaces/ros2_workspace/src/navigation/cater_navigation

Hi @vinrougeed - Are you following this document for ROS2 navigation?

Without any modification to the demo, can receive odom/tf and other messages, but cannot receive map messages.

Hi @vinrougeed , are all the messages showing up correctly between the docker container and Isaac Sim? Is the map not being published the main issue?

I had the same problem and couldn’t receive the map message

Hi @mmmmark and @vinrougeed . We have the 2023.1 release out with fixes and improvements in ROS workflows with Isaac Sim. Would it be possible for you to confirm the same issue there?

Apologies for the delayed response, thank you!