I follow this instruction isaac_ros_visual_slam/tutorial-isaac-sim.md at main · NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/isaac_ros_visual_slam · GitHub

when I press the “play” in isaac sim, the error occuss.

There is no /cmd_vel topic, so I can’t control the robot to move.

Hi @hpf9017, could you please share your system configuration? Is it a bare-metal installation of ROS2 humble or are you using the docker container env provided by Isaac ROS Common?

Make sure to follow one of the workarounds listed here.

I also ran into this issue on a native build from source of ROS2 Humble.

Thank you very much !

I’m using the docker container env provided by Isaac ROS Commo.
I follow the workarounds. It seems this problem does appear.

However, if I run the slam node in the docker, the Isaac sim /cmd_vel will disappear.
I’m trying to solve this problem now.

@Swapnesh Is there a workaround for this when running without a Docker container on a native install from Source?

The first point it the listed workaround page can be useful in your case i.e.

Run Isaac Sim and the Isaac ROS Packages on different systems.

If you are running Isaac Sim 2022.1.0 and the Docker container launched by isaac_ros_common/scripts/run_dev.sh on the same machine, please make the following patch to prevent port clashes:

I’m trying this method, however it doesn’t work.

You may want to check that the config file is being picked up by fastrtps through their environment variable. Alternatively, the latest version of Isaac ROS (v0.11.x) uses a base image through run_dev.sh that includes this port change for you so Isaac Sim 2022.1.1 can work out-of-the-box on the same machine.