Cannot run Isaac Sim on Docker

I had issues trying to run Isaac Sim on docker as I was following the documentation, below I posted the output from powershell and the documentation I followed:

Isaac-Sim on docker full-log-Error1.txt (54.6 KB)
Isaac-Sim on docker Error1.txt (39.9 KB)

The issue involves the Vulkan SDK, yes the container should not run on Windows. But I am exploring for the sake of user Accessibility.
Also need to explore it on AWS and with OV Farm to potentially integrate with some MLops framework.

Hi. Yes, it looks like an issue with the GPU drivers.

Are you running the container in WSL2?

Please share your docker run command and the OS and hardware specifications.

You should be able to run Isaac Sim container on AWS and OV Farm. Let us know if you any questions on that.

So things evolved quite fast. I think would be more productive if me, you and gus could meet so we sort out a clear path with what is current possible within Isaac Sim to teach ppl to go from the basics to deploying at scale training experiments with custom robots and environments.

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Sounds good!