Error extracting isaac-sim:2021.2.0 / WSL2

I’m not able to complete the docker command:
docker run --gpus all -e “ACCEPT_EULA=Y” --rm --network=host

All layers are downloaded but on layer
90eb4286a450: Extracting [================================================> ] 3.655GB/3.742GB

It stops with
[process exited with code 1]

Hope someone has the solution.

Configuration: WSL2/Ubuntu 18.04 from Microsoft Store/Docker Desktop v20.10.11 / Nvidia Driver 510

Hi @Goupil35000 ,

This forum is focused on the Isaac Gym RL research environment. For Isaac Sim related questions I’d recommend that you ask here: Omniverse Isaac Sim - NVIDIA Developer Forums

That said, you’re unlikely to be able to get Isaac Sim to work in WSL. That’s definitely not a well-tested path.

Take care,


Problem solved. It’s a problem of lack of disk space.


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