Ros2 Camera

Hi, I am trying to capture images using Ros2 I did the following steps 3. Cameras — Omniverse Robotics documentation, when I press start the selected camera is activated correctly but still no more actions i can do to capture images, i am new to ROS so i don’t have much idea about it yet

also attached is my current simulation, using ubuntu 22.04

@smohamed have you installed Ros2 and Rviz2? If you have you should be able to source and run rviz2 from terminal. In Rviz2 press the add button, select tab “By topic” and add the camera topic that is showing. Also make sure that you select the Humble bridge once starting the simulation.

Thank you it worked, but can I know how can I capture images as a 2d boundary box if I change the RGB to 2d boundary I cant see the image in the topic anymore.

Hi @smohamed - Does your image shows black and white? if yes, pls read the note below: