Omniverse Isac-Sim Omnigraph for RGB-D Cameras

Hi there,

I have a ROS 2 robot in Omniverse that should have a depth camera (like the Intel RealSense D455).
I followed the Camera tutorial to create the RGB camera, but now I am a little confused on how to continue to get the depth camera. Do I need to create the full graph again from the “Isaac Create Viewport” node to the “ROS2 Camera Helper” node? Or can I re-use the existing nodes except the final “ROS2 Camera Helper” node where I will have one acting like a RGB camera and one acting like a depth camera?

Also, will I re-use the same camera prim for both or should I have two separate camera prims?

I could not find any tutorials or information about how to set this up.

Hi @dave.vandermeer.001 - Someone from our team will review and respond to your question.

Are there any updates yet?