Custom viewport resolution

Is there a way to have the viewport match the custom resolution in the render settings? For example: rendering at 1000x3000. I tried fitting the screen resolution method, but it was not applicable to high resolutions. Am I missing something here…seems like a standard feature in all render engines.

Hi Jimmaybones, Thanks for your suggestion for a custom resolution. The great news is that we are adding this feature to a future release. I will find out more details and post about it soon.

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Thanks @Richard_3D . Love what you guys are doing.

Thanks ! That is so great to hear

I am confirming that Custom Resolutions will be in 2022.3.1, the next release of Create coming soon.


This is great news.

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Hi @Richard_3D , perhaps together with custom viewport resolution you guys could as well add Camera Overscan feature which I am talking about it in this thread: