(Feature request) Camera pixels overscan

Hi all!

Is there a way to ADD pixels to the chosen axis of the camera ?

Like in example below, this was rendered with V-Ray for Maya with camera overscan +2000 for positive Y axis.

Here is Create with camera resolution of 2480px x 5508px.

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Hello @karol.osinski! Great feature request! Iā€™m sending this over to the team!

A feature request ticket was created from this post. OM-74288: Camera pixels overscan

Hi @WendyGram , thanks a lot! :)

One more vote for Camera overscan - very needed feature for applying lens distortion.

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Actually found a workaround on how to render Overscan in Omniverse Create for now:


  1. Add to your resolution the percentage of overscan needed
  2. Divide new resolution by original resolution
  3. Multiply the number you get (aspeect) by horizontal and vertical apperture found in Camera Properties tab in Omni
  4. Replace Horizontal and Vertical Aperture with a new number
  5. Set your render resolution to the the one figured out in step 1


  1. Original resolution 2000x1500 (4:3) ->Want to add 20% overscan ā†’ get 2400x1800
  2. Divide by original resolution ā†’ 2400/ 2000 and 1800/ 1500 ā†’ get increase width 1.2 and increase height 1.2
  3. Get new aperture:
    Multiply my Horizontal Aperture by 1.2 ā†’ 6.170 by 1.2->7.404
    Multiply my Vertical Aperture by 1.2 ā†’ 4.6275 by 1.2-> 5.553
  4. Input new values in HA and VA fields
  5. In Movie Capture set resolution to 2400x1800-> Render
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