How to correct image color for MIPI camera

I use an IMX415 camera to capture images on a Xavier NX system. The images are greenish than normal, because I have to use a lens without IR cut filter (650nm). Is there any document or tools for image color tuning ? If I install camera_override.isp, which comes from the camera vendor, the image color is even worse. So apparently this file can change the image color. After reading some online information I learned that the camera_override.isp is a configuration file for the ISP. Does Nvidia provide document and tools for generating this .isp file?

–Stuart Xu

Sorry to tell only provide the tool to camera partner. You may need them help tuning the IQ.


I talked to them. They cannot generate a camera_override.isp without IR filter on the lens. Because we did color correction for other cameras, I think I may be able to make a similar adjustment if Nvidia can provide the tools to me.

@ShaneCCC is there any way that I can get the permission to access the tools, or is Nvidia can provide further help to me for this issue?

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