cutil_inline.h:No such file or Directory comile error


i have installed CUDA 2.2 v in MAC OS & i have run projects MatrixMul
when i run the project

user-imac:matrixMul user1$ nvcc -o matrixMul error: cutil_inline.h: No such file or directory
user-imac:matrixMul user1$

this type of error occured…

Pls Help !!!

cutil_inline.h file is stored in /Developer/CUDA/common/inc

You should use the makefiles to build the projects. First, make sure you have built CUTIL, by entering SDK/common and typing “make”.

Then go to the matrixMul directory and type “make”. You don’t need to invoke nvcc directly. If you want to invoke nvcc directly, you will have to provide all the command line arguments it needs, such as the path to headers and libraries, libraries to link, etc.

This works the same as any other C compiler.



Khyati Shah