Cypress Firmware Binary for USB Type-C PD Controller (CYPD4226)

Hi, We are using Cypress Firmware Binary for USB Type-C PD Controller (CYPD4226) firmware on our Jetson Xavier NX carrier board is schematic & display mux ic everything is same as Jetson AGX.
the firmware is uploaded successfully in CYPD4226 whlile connecting the device like display port we are getting attached error.

please see attached log file
log.txt (22.6 KB)

FYI, the EDID read is an i2c protocol. This is part of a modern HDMI or DisplayPort monitor. Each monitor has the i2c circuitry in the monitor itself such that the video card/GPU applies power to the i2c, and this allows query of the monitor’s abilities (in the form of EDID data over the DDC wire). If for any reason (A) the i2c does not receive power, or (B) the DDC wire is unable to connect, then EDID will fail. HPD (hot plug detect) is itself a trigger for attempting to apply power to the i2c on the monitor and to look for the query response.

Is your monitor an actual HDMI monitor without adapters? Is anything custom about the HDMI wiring? Is the i2c and HPD configured correctly in any device tree related to this?

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