D3D12 GPU Trace crashes when using using SM6.6 SamplerDescriptorHeap

I’m using a sampler inside a vertex shader which is loaded using SM6.6 SamplerDescriptorHeap. Doing so works when running the application without any graphics debugger or profiler attached.
Additionally, running the application via RenderDoc, NSight Graphics or PIX provides different results however:

  • RenderDoc fails to render the mesh (unless the draw call is selected) but does not crash.
  • NSight Graphics GPU Trace fails to launch the application. Sometimes provides an “Unknown Error” message, sometimes provides an “Failed to connect” message.
  • NSight Graphics Frame Debugger and CPU Captures fail to render the mesh and add extreme latency / lag to the entire system.
  • PIX captures fail to render the mesh. Loading the timing data inside PIX sometimes crashes the current capture.

Removing the call to the sampler solves those issues but does of course not render the right thing.
Tested with the current Game Ready Driver as well. Running an RTX 2070.
For now I will probably use a table for the samplers instead until this issue is resolved. Many thanks in advance!

Update: Switching to a descriptor table instead of using SM6.6 SamplerDescriptorHeap fixes the issues in PIX.
RenderDoc still only shows the draw when it is selected. NSight Frame Debugger now shows similar issues to RenderDoc but no longer lags the entire system. NSight GPU Trace still fails to launch the application.

Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and sorry you ran into those issues. What version of Nsight Graphics were you using and which GPU driver version are you on?