How to profile GPU d3d11 games with Nsight graphics 2023.3?

Hi, I download the latest nsight graphics and it seems for both ‘Frame Debugger’ and ‘GPU Trace Profiler’ they all do not support d3d11.

I googled and it seems the older version nsight can use these features( How to do GPU frame capture on Windows? · Issue #1 · nvpro-samples/gl_dynamic_lod ( ) so I’d like to know how to use these feature on latest nsight grahpics? and if it’s impossible to do it wiht latest nsight graphics I might need to download the older version of it, and if so can somebody kindly tell me since which version these features are removed from d3d11?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and your feedback.

I am sure Nsight Graphics’s “Frame Debugger” supports D3D11 API, but “GPUTrace Profiler” only supports D3D12 and Vulkan API.

What did you get while launch the D3D11 apps with Nsight Graphics’s Frame Debugger?


Hi AYan, I made a mistake and the frame debuger is supported for D3D11.

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