Cannot enter frame debugging. Reason: QueryInterface


After some changes in sources the frame profiler want work with my application. Unfortunately, it is hard to indicate what change has caused that problem. But note, frame profiler works good with older version of sources on same system.

Error message:
Cannot enter frame debugging. Nsight only supports frame debugging for D3D9, D3D11, and OpenGL 4.2.
Reason: QueryInterface
To find all incompatibilities, run \Monitor\Common\Nvda.Launcher.exe -compatlog c:\nvcomptlog.txt myapp.exe

Graphics API: D3D11
Tested on versions of nSight: x64; x64
GPU: GeForce GTX 660 Ti
Driver version: 334.89


content of c:\nvcomptlog.txt

[i]                                                      AddRef: 0x00000001
                                                CreateDevice: 0x00000001
                                              QueryInterface: 0x00000001

Any help will appreciated!


Did you happen to add D2D calls? Nsight does not support D2D.

HI rafi, thank you for your answer.

How can I identify that application make D2D calls? Is there any tool for it?

The target application is using WPF controls. Can it be reason?

Note, that older version of application is also using WPF controls, but nSight works good with it.

After long process of commenting out the application features code, I’ve found the reason of problem. It is the usage of System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser of Microsoft .Net Framework. Perhaps, this control uses D2D API.