"only 0 GPU frames" when gpu tracing

Hi there,
First time using nsight here, so I might have a wrong setup.

I need to use GPU tracing, but can’t get something else than “There are XXX CPU frames, but only 0 GPU frames”. As such, I don’t have any data regarding GPU.
I am using d3d11 which I think is supported, so I am not sure where is the error.


  • VS2017 && 2019 (tried on both)
  • nsight 2019.3.0.19222
  • GPU: RTX 2080
  • latest graphics drivers

I have also tried Nsight graphics (2019.5.0), which I believe is the standalone version. In this one it seems that the GPU Trace support only d3d12, and it’s why it gave me an error that the API isn’t supported.

Would someone have a clue about what I could do ? If it can be of any help, it’s for profiling a Unity game.
An extensive google search with “only 0 gpu frames” didn’t show anything.

Thanks for your help

GPU tracing has been removed from NsightVSE.
https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-graphics-features shows Nsight Graphics supports Direct3D 11.0-11.4, but not for GPU Trace.
You can use Nsight Systems for trace/timeline analysis.
Both of these stand alone tools can be integrated into Visual Studio with
NVIDIA Nsight Integration