Getting ERR_NVPROFERR at startup

Hellow, when i start nsight graphics (NVIDIA_Nsight_Graphics_2020.3.1.20160 / driver version 446.14/ dx12) with my game, it display popup window with the following info,


Unsupported GPU

The following capabilities will be unavailable:

  • Range Profiler
  • GPU Trace

i’m running geforce 2080TI. Any idea on what might cause this?

ps: also, in output messages, i’m getting ID,Origin,Source,Message
2,Target,NVIDIA Nsight Graphics,“The attached application is creating a D3D9 device, but Nsight only supports D3D11 and higher.This device will not be tracked.”. I’m running dx12 atm.


Thank you for your question on the error you are seeing while using Nsight Graphics. I see that Andrew Bott from NVIDIA is discussing this issue with you through another channel. Please follow up with Andrew on his additional questions or let us know if there are other issues.