D870 w. Opteron 22xx & Tyan Thunder MoBo Need thoughts & advice on compatibility


I am planning to acquire a Tesla D870 for work with large satellite remote sensing and geographic/geoscience datasets. I currently operate a workstation built around a Tyan Thunder n3600M (S2932-E) motherboard with two Opteron 2218 2.6Ghz dual-core CPUs. I had planned to upgrade to quadcore 23xx Opterons, but the problems AMD has been having with these, means these wont be available for a while and so my upgrade plans have been put back until later this year.

So much for the background…

My questions wrt to the D870:

  1. Are there likely to be any issues associated with using a D870 with either dual- core Opterons or this make and model of motherboard? Ditto, with future quad-core Opterons?

  2. I also plan to install a CUDA enabled graphics card, probably either a Quadro FX3700 or FX4600, will this cause any problems?

Thank you kindly for your thoughts and advice.

I guess you will be using linux64, but if you are going to use windows, be sure to use xp64. There was a report of someone who exceeded 4 Gb in Tesla + Quadro video memory and the solution turned out to be to switch to xp64.


I should have stated in my opening message, I use Windows XP64 already.

Check with Tyan on the compatibility of your PCI-Express slots. I have an Thunder S2992 with which I was having trouble installing PCI-E graphics cards… talking to Tyan, it turns out that PCI-E graphics are not supported for this mobo.

Good point. Thanks.

I know some Tyan server boards dont support PCI-E graphics cards because they have integrated graphics controllers (This is what is implied on the Tyan website anyway).

Will check.

High end nVidia PCI-E graphics cards (Quado FX) are verified by Tyan as being compatible with the Tyan Thunder S2932 boards. See:


I presume Tesla systems will be too.

Anyone have view about the Opterons?

Thanks for your continuing interest.

Everything else seems fine to me. I currently use opteron 8816 processors with my Quadro 5600s + CUDA (using another mobo). I can’t imagine that tesla will throw a wrench anywhere, but I suppose it’s possible.

We have several systems with Opterons in our test lab, and haven’t run into any issues.


We just finished testing this motherboard with D870 and it works. We will update the website to reflect this soon.


With Redhat Enterprise 4.5 64-bit