Damaged Carrier Board/Orin Nano


I am working on a project connecting four servo drivers in daisy chain to the Orin Nano carrier board. There was an issue in connecting the second and the third servo drivers where the VCC was connected to the SDA pin of the other. The orin nano continued to operate fine for a while and then suddenly did not work.

Using an oscilloscope, I have found that there was a signal for the SDA pin and nothing on the SCL. There was some voltage on the SCL 1.8V I believe and the SDA read nearly 3V. The power and ground pins still function properly.

The operating system works properly; however, when using I2C detection, neither of the I2C buses are detected. The other I2C pins have been tested and they also no longer work.

We do not understand the extent of the potential damage to the Orin Nano and/or Carrier Board. Is there something that can be done to determine what was effected? Why would the power pins still work properly but not the I2C pins?

Thank you

Hi, please refer to the P3768_A04 schematic in below package in DLC for detail. The I2C pins are separated to power pins if you mean the pins of 40-pin header.

Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Reference Design Files