Debian 8.2 Crash

Hello, I’m Debian user, and bought laptop with Nvidia GT840M. I was trying to install the drviers with .run ( and by the repositories, but always when i finish to install it, my GUI don’t work but can use CLI (CTRL+F1). I don’t know what to do, it happens with Debian, Ubuntu (sometimes works), Linux Mint 17.2 (sometimes works), LMDE and Kali Linux.

Can someone make me a little guide how to install it or give me a link about it. Or tell me something to consider when to install.

Actually I’m using Debian 8.2 (64Bits) with gnome.


Do not mix the .run file and the deb packages.

First purge all nvidia packages
$ sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
install and run nvidia-installer-cleanup

read the Debian Nvidia Wiki for the other steps
Do not forget to create a xorg.conf file

If your X server doesn’t start read the error messages with
journalctl -r



This will not work since GT840M msounds like optimus.
The thread-starter should read about bumblebee or nvidia-prime.