X not starting after driver update

Hi there,

Just experienced an issues with update to any NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-46XXXX driver version. Have been running NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-455.45.01.run for a while and everything worked fine. The update procedure to NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-46XXXX (tried 4 different version) works without any error. Manually starting X (via sddm) after the installation is finished also works fine and the system is running as expected. However, after reboot X won’t start and I get an error message “Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. … No devices detected” in the Xorg.0.log. Reinstalling the same driver makes it work for the same session but after a reboot X won’t start. Reverting back to 455.45.01 solved the problem and everything works fine again.

Gefore 1070 (desktop, not mobile)
Debian Testing
SDDM Display Manger
Kernel 5.10.1 from kernel.org (vanilla)


As currently there’s a shortage in crystal balls, a nvidia-bug-report would be required to help. Best run (nvidia-bug-report.sh - as root) after the problem occurs.
However it’s generally recommended to use the distros packaged drivers not the .run file installer.

Thanks for the fast response. NVIDIA customer care told me to post the issue here … they did not mention the crystal ball issue, otherwise I would not have posted it. Just wanted to help, I can live with the working version for now. Thanks for the links.

Oh, that was just me trying to be amusing :-/
All I wanted to say is, that more information is needed to help you. The nvidia-bug-report.sh script, which is installed alongside with the driver, collects a lot of information useful for debugging issues.