Hello, we encoutered BCCPLEXWDT as pmc reset source, I didn’t find any documentation regarding that, could you provide any insight on what that reset reason mean?

That means CPU has been hung for too long, and watchdog cannot receive any reply from CPU, thus triggering a reset.
You have to take a look at the code/program you are running to know the real reason.

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Hi DaveYYY,

Thanks for the reply! I am wondering is the reply fed from CPU at linux kernel level or something lower level than that?

For BCCPLEXWDT, I think it’s done in the kernel level.
The timer is available as a system node in /dev/watchdog.

Hi Dave, I am bit unclear about the kernel level. So our system is basically the devkit, does the default jetpack 5 include a system service or something at kernel level that periodically ping the watchdog by default? As we just started seeing this just randomly happens, while the code/program ourselves running are not using that watchdog explicity anywhere. Does that mean our system is hanging or OOM that triggered that?

I think YES. Either way, you are not required to trigger watchdog manually.

Sounds like the case.

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