Deepstream API Integration

We are using DeepStream’s python binding for out implementation and we are facing below stated issues.

  1. We want to modularize as model loading, inference, and post-processing. But these things are getting done in the backend C++ code which is a deprecated one. So We are unable to access the model variable and getting the frame-by-frame inference from the package.

  2. We need to build a single function-based inference from the deepStream model in python. As the current python pipeline is suitable for the video-wise inference demo.

  3. If somehow we can manage to get the model loading and inference part from the backend code, I hope we’ll be done with whatever we’re currently trying to get.

Please provide more details of your issue. Thanks

Hey, we don’t know what’s your exact requirement here, could you provide more details.

Hi @shankarjadhav232 ,

I’m also facing the same issues while doing the modularization and creating the API structure for the deepStream inference engine in python.

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Can we do the inferencing part separately without using Gst as the streaming part?

It is possible to access the loaded inference model variables from the plugins from the python pipeline ? If so, how ?