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I was playing around with the different trackers provided by DeepStream like DeepSORT and NvDCF, however tuning the configs didn’t help as much as I’d like (Still need to deep dive into the optimal configuration). I, then tried commenting out the all the config files in the tracker_config.txt to use default low level tracking provided by DeepStream and it’s been working pretty well. This is my current config file for tracking and I get this warning when using this config file

Config file



> [NvTrackerParams::getConfigRoot()] !!![WARNING] Empty config file path is provided. Will go ahead with default values
> [NvMultiObjectTracker] Initialized

A couple of questions here:

1: Was curious as to what’s the default tracking configuration Deepstream uses when no config file is specified?
2: At the moment tracking works pretty well without any re-association. Any suggestion how to enable re-association with these default configs?

Thanks in advance.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU): GPU
• DeepStream Version: 6.0.1
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only)
• TensorRT Version
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only): 470.63
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs) Question
• How to reproduce the issue ? (This is for bugs. Including which sample app is using, the configuration files content, the command line used and other details for reproducing)
• Requirement details( This is for new requirement. Including the module name-for which plugin or for which sample application, the function description)

The document list the “Default value”. You can change those default value in configure file.

Gst-nvtracker — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation (

Thank you @kesong
Regarding the tracker width and height.
What should the tracker heightened width be set to if my input stream has a height and width of 1920 and 1080 respectively? I’m assuming if computation is not an issue, then maybe setting tracker width and height to the original stream values its a good option?

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Yes, you are right.

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