Degraded performance in Dota2 with latest driver 450.66

Recently upgraded from 440.100 to 450.66, kernel from 5.7.7 to 5.8.8.

Performance in the video game Dota2 is severely degraded compared to the previous versions. I normally get steady 60 FPS (capped at 60 via a console variable) but now I get between 45~55 FPS, with severe hitching all the time.

I don’t know whether it’s a Linux kernel specific problem or an nvidia driver problem yet.
I had to downgrade both the Linux kernel down to 5.6.15, and the nvidia driver down to 440.100 to get normal performance again.

I’ll try to upgrade back to the latest versions in a few days and generate an nvidia-bug-report if that would help pinpoint something wrong. I doubt it’s a Dota 2 issue, but I’ve reported the problem on their bug tracker also. Same problem with both OpenGL and Vulkan renderers.

System Specs: Steam system report
Arch Linux, kernel 5.8.8 or 5.8.9
nvidia driver 450.66
GeForce GTX 670MX

Upgraded to 455.23.04 and it’s better now, but still there is some hitching which is most likely only caused by Dota2 itself. I get some errors related to the EntitySystem which seems to correspond to the hitching: for example ExecuteQueuedCreation() took 1141us.

Kernel: 5.8.13
nvidia driver: 455.23.03

Seems that most performance issues are gone with version 455.28 and kernel 5.8.14. Also tested with kernel 5.4.71-LTS and it seems fine.