More than 140% of performance loss with drivers superior to 470 series

Fedora 35
Ryzen 3700x
Nvidia Geforce 1650 Super

I have serious performance issues with all Linux Nvidia drivers above 470.xx.
470.xx series drivers performance on Dota 2 dashboard it’s 144 fps or superior.
That is with any 470.xx series driver. Nvidia binary or rpmfusion packages.

The performance with 495.xx and 510.xx drivers it’s 25 fps or lower.
Again with any 495.xx or 510.xx series drivers tested. Nvidia binary or rpmfusion.

I don’t have to change anything else to see that fps drop.
Just install 510.54 (for instance), start desktop environment, start the game and fps go all way down (even less that 20 fps) and cpu usage 100%.
Exit game and desktop, install 470.103.1 (for instance), start desktop and game, and fps jumps to 144 with vsync and spikes of more than 200 fps without vsync.
It happens with Gnome, Plasma, Xfce, Openbox o any other DE or window manager I have tried so far.
Happens with Fedora 34 or Fedora 35, DisplayPort or DVI, booting with EFI or Bios, enabled or disabled compiled shaders (Dota and/or Steam), Vulkan or OpenGL.

More than a year with this issue and every 495 or 510 series driver I’ve tried exhibits the same performance drop. And every 470 series works flawlessly.

There are other games and applications where this issue repeats, but so far Dota it’s the one where the biggest performance drop happens.

On another PC with the Fedora 35 too and same GPU but Intel I5 processor the performance drop its also noticeable but can manage to run at 60pfs with 100% GPU usage in dashboard.

I don’t know what else to try. Out of ideas.

Luis M. Ruiz
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (360.5 KB)


Has been reported long time ago but no fix so far


As a long, long time Linux user I already have suffered enough Nvidia “ways”.
If this don’t get fixed then I already have purchased my last Nvidia.

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Such a loss. I’m so concerned. What will we do without your future NVIDIA purchases? The world will end.

Such a loss. I’m so concerned. What will we do without your future NVIDIA purchases? The world will end.
Wasn’t a warning or a threat. Just a fact.

Wrong again.
None of the reasons because I chose Linux it is games.
But that doesn’t mean that I have to give up on something that costs money and don’t works properly.
Anyway, if I have to give up on something that would be Nvidia, games and a long list of things before do it on Linux.
So as I’ve said you are really wrong and confused.

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I see you are still really confused.
This is a Linux forum for Nvidia cards that Nvidia claim support Linux.
The problem it’s not the performance of a game, but the performance of Nvidia drivers series 495 and superior.
Windows has nothing to do with all of this.
Telling a Linux user who has purchased a GPU advertised as Linux compatible that the “solution” to a problem is to use Windows is like taking your car to the mechanic and hearing that the problem is that you have a car instead of a boat.
Both useless and wrong.


You are banging your head against a wall with your Windows theme.
I have been Linux user for 26 years now. My actual job it’s Linux/Unix administrator. I have worked as Linux certifications teacher too. I’m a Linux developer.
If something is wrong with Nvidia drivers the fix it’s in the Nvidia drivers or stop using Nvidia, not start using Windows.

For me to use Windows for anything it’s in itself way, way worst that stop playing at all.
Even if AMD drivers are crap, to use Windows still it’s not an alternative for me and never will be.
Anyway through the years I aready given a lot of oportunities to Nvidia. Time to do the same with AMD.

Btw if Nvidia doesn’t give a crap about Linux while advertise his products as Linux compatible that is a Nvidia problem, not a Linux problem.

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Artem S. Tashkinov Linux and Open Source advocate
To the ignore.

This sounds really similar to the Wreckfest issue I have. But in my case it’s 30fps or lower as soon as a field of cars is on screen where previously it could manage 80fps+. I have a single laptop where it runs at full speed and haven’t worked out what that is.

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I thought I would try to replicate with Windows, and it does appear that 472.12 performs better than 511.79.

This isn’t an isolated event, either: NVIDIA Releases GeForce 511.79 Game-Ready Drivers | TechPowerUp Forums

Valve and the Steam Deck would disagree.


I thought I would quantify this.

I ran AMS2 on a Quest 2 with 511.59, and configured the settings to have zero headroom (dipping occasionally into ASW).

I installed 472.12 and without any other changes had 30% headroom.

This is a significant performance difference.

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On Linux.🤦

You’re not covering yourself in glory, here.

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I think you might be projecting, there.

I have 30% more fun with 472 than 511, so, … 🤷

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Good for you! For many other people, however, recent driver releases under both Linux and Windows exhibit significant performance regressions.

I did wonder why you wouldn’t just admit you misread and/or misunderstood this entire thread.

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Except the time I mentioned it back on the 26th,

511.79 and 472.12 are Windows-only driver versions; Linux currently has 510.54 and 470.103.01.

Indeed - looking forward to your input.

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Of the flagged posts I flagged only this one as it’s a personal attack, More than 140% of performance loss with drivers superior to 470 series - #20 by birdie . Evidently other people are watching the thread too.

I guess that’s one way to view things.

None of this helps to resolve the underlying issue, and the position of “just use Windows” is unhelpful at best in a discussion about Linux-related issues.