Performance issues in Dota 2 on 495.44

Hi, I believe I found a bug causing serious performance issues in Dota 2.

The problem:

  1. Main menu lags frequently
  2. Certain particle effects cause huge FPS drops. The best example is Sand King’s “W” (“Sand storm”) ability
  3. The game hangs on exit and has to be killed via a task manager

I’ve captured a few screenshots to demonstrate the 2nd isssue, please check the FPS in the top right corner:

There are other things causing such a massive drops. The game is unplayable om 495.44 and reverting back to 470.44 is a workaround as there are no such issues on 470.44.

HW and SW:
MSI GL63 laptop
i5 7300H
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (GPU-3f2d35f7-2a52-9d94-b06d-b7b43f0abfca)
Nvidia-prime (dedicated card only) enabled
up-to-date Arch Linux

Could you please look into it?

I’m kinda disappointed that I have to keep all nvidia packages in IgnorePkg. If there was at least a reply like “we know about it” or “it’s scheduled for the next release” it would be nice but right now it doesn’t seem like anyone noticed, althoigh it’s a bug I found within an hour after instalaltion.

I used to defend Nvidia in all these NV vs AMD discussions but I’m now definitely on the AMD side of things and will be switching to AMD as soon as possible. Closed source drivers are a plague.

No performance problem here. Closed problem is steam problem and valve is working for fix.

Your Intel i5 7300HQ Is a very old processor. I used that processor and performance always were poor.

Now I can play that Game with 144hz with a ryzen 7 5800h and Nvidia RTX3060.

Your post makes zero sense, this CPU is obviously more than enough to play Dota, actually this laptop is able to run games like Metro Exodus on high with 60+ fps.
And, as I mentioned, there are no performance issues on the previous driver, so, clearly, there’s an issue either in the game or in the driver and it’s sad to see that there is no reply from Nvidia at all even though I think I was patient. Or if there’s a better place to report issues, I’d be happy to be pointed in the right direction.

The issue number 3 I mentioned has many reports on Valve’s Github

And issues 1 and 2 were often mentioned on Reddit.

To summarize it, there’s nothing wrong with my CPU.

I had a laptop with the same processor that’s why I’m telling you. Even putting custom kernels and the governor on performance for games, it hardly reached 60 FPS. The only difference is that my laptop had nvidia 1050m.
Besides, I always played with everything in ultra

Sorry but you’re either drunk or unable to understand English, so please don’t waste my time and mental capacity until you get sober.

For comments like those surely nobody pays attention to you. Keep up your ideas.

In any case, I am not going to excuse your ignorance or your bad language as I have already done elsewhere with you out of shame. XD

Latest drivers (510.47.03) seems to mitigate the hang on close issue, though the main menu is still slow if you’re using OpenGL instead of Vulkan.