Dell PowerEdge R730 Nvidia Tesla m60

Our department at the University has got a Dell PowerEdge R730 with Nvidia Tesla m60 on board and Wyse Thin Clients.

We would like to virtualize desktops for students practice, that includes some courses in Photoshop, Web-designing and a little of Machine learning.

We don`t know what software to use on hosts and clients, we also very short in budget. Is that a solution to setup such data center. And we understand that good solution (sometimes) needs budget, could you give us some tips and prices?

Today we installed Debian 8 on host with KVM virtualization (GUI virt-manager, kind of poor functionality), but without usage of GPU (that`s shame).

Hi Evgeniy,

For optimal performance on 3D accelerated applications (and compute workloads) you will want to leverage our vGPU software and specifically the Quadro Virtual Datacenter Workstation edition. The software consists of a host driver that you install on the hypervisor, a guest driver that you install on the guest VM, and a License Manager that goes onto a License Server VM. Please go to this website and sign up for our 90-day evaluation program and you will receive a trial key:

Also, use this Quick Start guide for the installation process:

Feel free to send me a message with the name and location of your university so I can connect you with your local account team.

Thank You
Konstantin Cvetanov
Sr. Solution Architect, NVIDIA