Dell R730 and GRID K340 not detected (UEFI0067 error)

I bought one GRID K340 and installed on Dell R730 in slot 4.
Every time I boot system, got the following error.

"A PCIe link training failure is observed in PCIe slot 4 and link is disabled.
Do one of the following: 1) Turn off the input power to the system and turn on again. 2) Update the PCIe device firmware. If the issue persists, contact your service provider."

If I choose F1 to continue, the system boot as normal but OS not detect the graphic card.

I tried unplug/plug power cable and reboot many times. One time success to detect the graphic card. At that time I noticed that Life Cycle Controller is in Recovery Mode.
After that time, still show error message and cannot detect.

BISO version 2.5.5
iDRAC version

Is the system not compatible or the card is not working?
Please help.


I don’t think this board was qualified for the server as K340 was built for cloud gaming and not for enterprise.

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Is there any information for K340 server requirement, deployment guide, etc?
I could not find in google. If I search for K340, most are point to Grid K1 or K2.
And could it be possible to build cloud gaming server with Dell R730 and Grid K1? (just for about 10 streams)

I look forward help from nvidia support and there is no response.

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first of all this board is EOL and there was no support from our ESP team for GRID 1.0. You should contact Dell to get more insights as we won’t be able to support. Not sure where you bought this board at all as this is nothing for enterprise usage as already mentioned.