Demosaicing algorithm

May I ask which demosaicing algorithm the hardware-based ISP uses? Is it HQLI (5x5), L7 (7x7), DFPD (11x11) or MG (23x23)? Is it configurable through Libargus API?

hello suchao,

sorry, I don’t have more details about which demosaicing algorithm the hardware-based ISP used at the moment.
may I understand why you’re looking for the details about it?

there’s Argus sample, demosaicOutput for demonstration, it’s also able to configure the output as RGB or YUV formats.

Thank you for your reply.

We have been working with other platform with demosaicing feature. We noticed that 3x3 algorithm was not sufficient. That is why I am asking which algorithm the hardware-based ISP uses. Do you happen to know if it is 3x3 or better than that?

FYI, demosaicing in ISP hardware it is a linear filtering with symmetric kernel window size of 9x9.

Thank you very much for your information!