We have several workstation labs with NVIDIA GeForce and Windows 19.09. We need to provide them with remote access by RDP to use applications such as Marvelous Designer, Mari, DJV, etc…
We have found an application “nvidiaopenglrdp.exe” in this same forum, which gives us the option to enable OpenGl acceleration via RDP.
The problem is that we have a considerable number of computers and we do not find how we can make the deployment of this software in a massive way.
We have tried with MSI converters, or with command line, but we have not succeeded.
Can you help us?
Thank you very much!

The executable is displaying EULA on launch, and a message that has to be dismissed afterwards, so you would need a way to dismiss those two dialogs automatically to get anywhere.

The best option would be if NVIDIA provided an updated tool with command line support to run it in silent mode with logging.

Failing that, you could find a tool that can simulate user clicks such as AutoIT, or you could perform DLL redirection to a custom user32.dll which overrides MessageBoxW so it does nothing, and DialogBoxParamW so it will always return 1.