Designing Robots with NVIDIA Isaac GEMs for ROS

Originally published at: Designing Robots with NVIDIA Isaac GEMs for ROS | NVIDIA Developer Blog

NVIDIA and Open Robotics have entered into an agreement to accelerate ROS2 performance. As a result, the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform now offers new NVIDIA Isaac GEMs for ROS software.

So should i forget about using NVidia Isaac the one on the Kaya robot and just go all in with ROS2 since Nvidia is improving on ROS2? Whats the use case for using ISAAc SDK if NVidia is enabling ROS2?

Im guessing NVidias original plan was to create a competitor to ROS but that is optimized for NVidia GPU. BUt now it seems Nvidia has switched gears and will be improving ROS and creating gems for ROS since the ISAAC sdk uptake was low?

Please keep it real :)

ISAAC ROS is NVIDIA’s effort to support the open-source ROS community with GPU acceleration, developers and customers are welcome to use the GEMS in their applications.
If you are using ISAAC SDK and developing on Kaya, please continue to develop using SDK.