Develop for All Six NVIDIA Jetson Orin Modules with the Power of One Developer Kit

Read this blog om how you can start developing now for any Jetson Orin module using the Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit. The developer kit can natively emulate performance and power so you can easily develop for any of the Jetson Orin modules and shorten your time to market.

Could you please expand on what power emulation means in this context? Is only it that the power profiles will be made available according to the device being emulated? Does the actual power consumption of the device also change according to the emulated device?

@virtual.ramblings the emualation configures all the IP’s and clocks to match the target module so as to get exact performance emulation. Though it will adjust the IP and clocks accordingly as well, we dont recommend that to be taken to measure power as it is not exact power emulation. Performance emulation is what we wanted to provide so that developers can start thier development and get the exact performance as of the target module.

Thanks, this is very helpful. Is there a document with a more detailed explanation on how this is implemented? If so, could you point me to it? (I’d like to understand more about how only certain SMs of the GPU are active and other such details)