Emulate 32 GB module behavior with Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit


I am going to be using the 32 GB modules for future development. I currently have the Jetson Orin AGX developer kit that I am developing on. I see that the 32 GB modules that are used in the AGX developer kit have a more powerful processor than the 32 GB modules that are sold separately. I’d like to emulate the behavior of the 32 GB stand alone modules on my Jetson Orin AGX developer kit. How can I go about doing this?


Hi bh,

You can take a look at the following guide for information on how to run emulation:


Hi Emmanuel,

Thank you very much! What differences are there between the emulated version of the 32GB modules and the actual stand alone modules (e.g. cache sizes, etc)?

Thanks again.

Please check the Technical Specifications section from Jetson Modules, Support, Ecosystem, and Lineup | NVIDIA Developer to know the different.

Hi @kayccc, thank you for the info! I’m not asking the difference between the 32GB module in dev kit and the 32 GB standalone module. I’m wondering what the differences are between the emulated 32 GB standalone module (created using the Jetson Orin dev kit using the instructions Emmanuel left) and the actual 32 GB standalone module (e.g. cache sizes, etc). Could you please provide some information on this?

Thanks again.

I ran the following command from the link that Emmanuel posted:

sudo ./flash.sh jetson-agx-orin-devkit-as-jao-32gb mmcblk0p1

It ran successfully. The output of the UART debug serial port is “Please complete system configurations setup on the serial port provided by Jetson’s USB device mode connection e.g. /dev/ttyACMx where x can be 0, 1, 2 etc.”

I also have a display connected, and nothing is showing up on it.

I looked this up in the developer forums and see that other people have run into this issue, but didn’t see a solution.

How can I configure the Jetson?

Do you use Jetpack 5.1? Would like to make sure you use latest release.

Hi, I’m using JetPack 5.0.2. I’m unable to upgrade to 5.1 at this moment. Can I do this with JetPack 5.0.2?

You would still need to re-flash the system. Please check this section:
Flashing Support — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

Or can create a default user before flashing:
Flashing Support — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

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